Iced Coffee Cozies

I LOVE coffee! Cold brew, latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, macchiato, Turkish, espresso, you name it!

I absolutely love having iced coffee on walks with my son during this nice weather! It feels like the most special of treats, especially on sunny mornings. One of my favorite coffee places to go is Cafe Nero! There is one right in the center of town, which is walking distance from our house so we are frequent customers. They have the smoothest cold brew I have ever had! I also love how rustic and industrial their decor is! It really is such a cool coffee house!

I designed this easy peasy little cozy to keep my hands dry and warm while on coffee walks with my son. I used some lily sugar n cream cotton yarn because it soaks up the moister and won’t feel warm and gross under the hot weather. They have a variety of colors of this yarn (check out some of my favorite colors linked below) and one 2 oz skein will make 3 of these cozies easy!

There is really nothing too complicated about this cozy. You only use two stitches, chains and single crochets and you can easily adjust the foundation to fit any size of coffee you usually get. I made this to fit a medium size cup.


-The stitches will stretch a little the first time you use this cozy but after that it will pretty much not have any give.

-You can throw this cozy in the washing machine and dryer if you use this yarn because is 100% cotton!

What you will need:

-1, 2 oz ball of Lily Sugar and Cream Yarn ( I used the Playtime color way) or approximately 32 yards of a size 4 worsted weight yarn (I recommend using 100% cotton)

-5 mm Crochet Hook (Size H/8)

-Yarn needle

-Yarns snips or scissors

Here are some tools to get you started (I’ve found a new love in the Clover Amour hooks! These are the best hooks I have ever worked with, check them out)! I also include some cheap hook sets and yarn needles and this cute little vintage scissor! This will be my next amazon purchase for sure!

AND THIS LITTLE BAG!!!! I am obsessed with this bag! I bought it about two weeks ago and I love it so so so much! So well made and the zipper on the front keeps all my notions. There is also 4 grommets (two on each side) to feed the yarn through. and Two inside pockets! I used it every day since I’ve gotten it and its perfect for running after a baby and crocheting! Trust me you need it!!!

(also there is a sneak peak of next weeks project!)

Iced Coffee Cozy Pattern:

Abbreviations (US)

-Ch: Chain

-Sc: Single crochet

-Sl St: Slip Stitch


5.5 inches tall 4 inches wide (measured flat)


Ch 4, Sl St into first chain

Row 1: (Working into circle) Chain 1, 12 Sc (do not join).

Row 2: Make 2 Sc into each of the 12 Sc from row 1 (24 Sc total) DO NOT JOIN

Row 3-end: 1 Sc in each Sc for 5.5 inches, working in a spiral.

Finishing: Once you have reached the height you want your cozy to be, cut the yarn, skip one Sc and Sl St into the next Sc and tie off. Weave in you ends and go hit up a coffee shop and use your cozy!

Also if you were wondering what happened to that delish croissant……

Happy yarning!

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Happy yarning!