Breezy Springtime Kimono

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


It has been a long, LONG (LONG!!!!) winter for us here in New England and I am so excited to be able to go outside and take my son to the park and enjoy nature and get some vitamin D!

And Mr.Sun came out at the perfect time for our family! We just got over some sickies so we are ready to leave the house! But it was during these long, snuggly, sleepy days, I designed a kimono I am so excited to share with you today!

I loveeee Kimonos! They dress up t-shirt and jeans and are so much fun to wear to any occasion! They look great over a simple dress and they are not as warm as a sweater, so they are perfect in the springtime. ENTER the Breezy Springtime Kimono!

This simple kimono is made by making two front panels and joining them to work the back. The only stitches used are chains and single crochets so its super simple and very beginner friendly!

If you don’t know how to crochet scroll down for the videos! I promise YOU CAN MAKE THIS!

This kimono is very loose fitting and swingy, so the sizing is very generous. The kimono I’m wearing is the S/M/L size, but I have included some directions to make it in XL/2XL/3XL size (the directions for this size will be in parenthesis).

What you will need:

-YARN: You will need approximately 3 balls of Loops and Thread Joy DK Multis or 696 yards of a #3 weight yarn for the S/M/L size and approximately 5 balls or 1,160 yards for the XL/2XL/3XL Size.

-5mm H/8 crochet hook

-Yarn Needle

-Yarn snips or scissors

Here are some supplies if you want to order online and get started! These yarn bundles are very generous in yardage so they will work out perfectly for this project. And these are the hooks I use and am obsessed with (because they are so retro!) and the hook set that I have and it includes all the notions you will need!


If you’re a visual Learner, I made a tutorial video JUST FOR YOU! If you’re not, just scroll down for the pattern!



S/M/L Size- 30 inches width and 20 inches long.

XL/M/L Size- 40 inches width and 20 inches long.


22 Stitch,10 rows in plain trellis stitch= 4″

Abbreviations (US)

-Ch: Chain

-Sc: Single crochet

Breezy Springtime Kimono

Left Panel:

Chain 66 (78)

Row 1: 1 Sc in 6th ch from hook, *ch 5, skip 3 ch, Sc in next stitch*, repeat from * until end of row. Turn.

Row 2: *Ch 5, 1 Sc in next ch-5 space*, repeat from * until end of row turn

Row 3-Row 46: repeat Row 2.

Tie off, and weave in end and set aside.


Row 1-46: Work in same way as Left panel.

Row 47: *Ch 5, 1 Sc in next ch-5 space*, repeat from * until end of row. Chain 8 and take the left panel and make 1 Sc into the first ch-5 space of Row 46  [This is how we will  attach the left panel to the right panel]

Row 47 continues: *Ch 5, 1 Sc in next ch-5 space*, repeat from * until end of row. Turn.  (THIS COUNTS AS ROW 1 OF BACK PANEL).


(working back and forth with two side panel attached)

Row 2-46: *Ch 5, 1 Sc in next ch-5 space*, repeat from * until end of row turn.

Finishing: tie off, weave in ends.


Fold your kimono and sew each side about half way. I used a simple whip stitch, you can use whatever method you decide is best.

Fold kimono inside out to hide the seam.

If you feel your stitches are scrunched up, set you kimono folded on top of some towels and spray it with some water. Gently tug at your stitches and lay it the way you want it to look. Wait until completely dry and your stitches should be blocked to perfection!

YOU’RE DONE! Go somewhere fun and show off your new Kimono!

For any questions please shoot me a comment and make sure to follow me on social media! I always have something fun going on on my instagram! Come join the fun!


If you don’t know how to crochet yet, here are the two stitches you’ll need to make this kimono! Have Fun!!!!






7 Replies to “Breezy Springtime Kimono”

  1. Hi Karine, I am totally lost by instruction joining back seam if you are chaining 8 an working across are we not extending length not joining. know I am missing something here. but totally in Fog.

    1. If you check out the video, I demonstrate it at 6:31 mark. It sounds kind of confusing because there’s no seam, you Chain 8 and you continue in the pattern across the other panel. Hope the video answers this better for you. And if it doesn’t keep asking questions! I want you to understand completely! Thanks you!

  2. hi there new to crochet, but would love to make this for my daughter who is five, do you know how i could go about it, thank you.

    1. Yea you would need to crochet fewer stitches. It’s pretty flowy In this yarn so I would suggest a cotton yarn for a child so it doesn’t eat caught in anything while she’s playing. If you crochet half the amount of chains I think it would be flowy enough but not to big. So Chain 34 for each panel and follow the pattern! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      1. thank you so much for the reply, im going to give it a go next week 🙂

    1. Yes! You would just need to chain some more stitches. Check your gauge and if you want to add 4 inches you would need to crochet that additional amount of chains that you got for your gauge to each panel and follow the pattern the same way. I would suggest chaining 86 to each panel and following the pattern!!

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